Check Your Privilege Free Cross Stitch Pattern

Posted by Cassi Medina on

Check Your Privilege Free Cross Stitch Pattern

Happy Black History Month!  This month (and really every other month of the year) I encourage you to check your privilege.  Last year, hopefully, we all spent a little time trying to understand white privilege and how to use that to elevate black voices and create change.  It can be exhausting continuing to fight racism and looking inward to your own flaws and systemic racism that you've benefited from.  Just imagine how exhausting it is being on the receiving of racism.  So stitch this free pattern up as a gentle reminder to check your privilege.
Here are some sizes for finished projects: 
14 Count Aida - 6" hoop
16 Count Aida - 6" hoop
18 Count Aida - 5" hoop
28 Count Evenweave - 3" hoop

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