David Rose "I Like the Wine, Not the Label" Cross Stitch Pattern

Posted by Cassi Scott on

Enjoy this free Schitt's Creek inspired cross stitch pattern.  If you're not an SC fan, you should be, but I'll explain.  David Rose is a pansexual man and while shopping for wine with Stevie, they were having a conversation about his sexuality.  So to explain it in a very eloquent way, he says "I like the wine, not the label."  Stevie and the entire town's acceptance of him is what I can only hope for in our reality.  

Happy Valentines day to every kind of love, red, white, rosé and even a Merlot that used to be a Chardonnay. 

Here are some sizes for finished projects: 

14 Count Aida - 8x10" frame
16 Count Aida - 7x9" frame
18 Count Aida - 6x8" frame
28 Count Evenweave - 4x5" frame 

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  • This is absolutely lovely! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern – I’m partway through making it now!

    Anna on

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