Free "I Voted" Cross Stitch Pattern

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Free I Voted Cross Stitch Pattern

Happy November in the horrendous year of 2020.  I hope everyone had a socially distant halloween and enjoyed a scary movie or 2...because clearly this year isn't scary enough?!  Now that the fun and games are over, it's time to get serious and VOTE!!!  If you haven't voted early or voted by mail already, get you own pen, grab a mask and some hand sanitizer and make your way down your local polling place.  Then sit down and stitch up this quick one because you voted!!  And if you're in Chicago, you don't get your little sticker anymore.  Whatever, a cross stitched one is even better...
Here are some sizes for finished projects: 
14 Count Aida - 6x4" frame
16 Count Aida - 6x4" frame
18 Count Aida - 5x3.5" frame
28 Count Evenweave - 3x2" frame 

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