Free Stop AAPI Hate Cross Stitch Pattern

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Stop AAPI Hate Cross Stitch


It's enough.  The hate against Asian American Pacific Islanders during the pandemic has been tragic, disgusting, and just plain uniformed.  It takes all of us to stand up against this abuse.  Speak up, speak out and stand up for what's right.  I'm sick of hearing about people yelling at Asian Americans to get out of this country.  Guess what bro?  Unless you're a Native American (and no I don't care about that .2% that you found out about on your ancestry test) you can take your mediocre white ass and get the fuck out too, because this country belongs to AAPIs just as much as it does to you.  Pull your head out of your racist ass and get it together.   
Here are some sizes for finished projects: 
14 Count Aida - 8x8" frame or 8" hoop
16 Count Aida - 7x7" frame or 7" hoop
18 Count Aida - 7x7" frame or 7" hoop
28 Count Evenweave - 4x4" frame or 4" hoop

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