Free Un Thanksgiving Cross Stitch Pattern

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Un Thanksgiving Free Cross Stitch Pattern

Thanksgiving Day is a day where American's celebrate the coming together of the pilgrims and native people, or at least that's the white washed version.  In reality, the Indigenous Americans have lost millions of people to the colonizers that landed in Plymouth.  The day that they arrived marked the beginning of genocide and severe mistreatment of the Indigenous people that still continues to this day.  Unthanksgiving is a day of protest held on Alcatraz Island on the fourth Thursday of November.  It coincides with the protests in Massachusetts known as the National Day of Mourning.  This year on November 25th I urge everyone to relearn the history of our land.  Learn what tribe the land you live on belongs to (find out here:  Learn about the injustices that happened.  Educate your family and take one step closer to improving the future of our Indigenous Americans.  

Here are some sizes for finished projects: 
14 Count Aida - 6x6" frame or 6" hoop
16 Count Aida - 5x5" frame or 5" hoop
18 Count Aida - 5x5" frame or 5" hoop
28 Count Evenweave - 3x3" frame or 3" hoop

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