I Can't go to Hell Free Cross Stitch Pattern

Posted by Cassi Medina on

Look...If there is a hell, I'm probably going there.  Usually I'm like fine, whatever.  That is until summer comes, and then I turn into a raging bitch at the first droplet of sweat.  If anyone is wondering, I am not ok, I'm melting.  And if you're one of those people who are like *aCtUaLlY voice* "when winter comes you'll be wishing it was summer"  I'm here to tell you to kindly fuck off.  No, I have never once wished for summer weather.  I have wished for a nice spring breeze or a brisk fall day but never once have I wished to be burned alive by the sun.  I will always take snow over this heat and humidity.  Fight me about it!
Here are some sizes for finished projects: 
14 Count Aida - 7x5" frame
16 Count Aida - 6x4" frame
18 Count Aida - 6x4" frame
28 Count Evenweave - 3.5x2.5" frame 

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