About Me

Welcome to Sassi Stitch Boutique! 

I'm Cassi, a 29 year old living in Chicago with my finace and pooch.  I went to fashion design school at Columbia College Chicago (should out to all the other peeps in massive student loan debt!) and loved sewing and pattern making.  I started out working on bridal gowns, making samples and grading patterns and then altering wedding gowns.  This lasted for a few years before I realized brides are bat shit crazy!  Then I switched to tailoring menswear which I still do to this day.

My obsession with crafting started in the womb pretty much.  I grew up making friendship bracelets and bead animals.  At the age of 10, I was a little entrepreneur, selling my bead animals around the neighborhood.  I loaded all of my "beady babies" into my red wagon, slapped a "$1 for small beady babies and $2 for large beady babies" sign on the side and walked around the neighborhood selling my crafts.  Then, at the age of 12 my mom introduced me to cross stitch.  I loved it but it fell to the wayside as I picked up my next craft. Fifteen years later I found myself walking through a Chicago festival and saw a stand of cross stitches. One was a reference to My Favorite Murder and I screamed with delight, scaring the people around me and ran to the woman who was cross stitching. I then took up the hobby again and loved creating my own designs. 

The first design was for my mom who refused to lock her doors because her neighborhood is so safe and everyone knows everyone. So being the caring and wonderful daughter that I am, I decided that I wanted to cross her a sign to put by her door as a reminder, "lock your fucking doors." It now hangs proudly in her entryway and, to my delight, makes my grandmother grumble under her breath when she sees it.. 

I then needed a sign for my bathroom, and then an outlet for my rage against all the turmoil this country is going through. I thought that maybe other people needed to partake in the relaxing hobby that is cross stitching. But flowers and cute cottages can only go so far. I need to make a statement! I have a very strong personality and I want to show it off. I can't be the only one.... and hence, Sassi Stitch Boutique was born. 

It started as a hobby and has lead to being my pride and joy. I work on new patterns and designs everyday. Many are inspired by my husband-to-be, my grandma, my mom, my fur baby and every other person that has touched my life in way or another. 

I hope that you find solace in my work and can make it your own. Cross stitching is my stress reliever. It takes me to a world made up of nothing but rainbows and sunshine with a touch of sass thrown in for good measure.

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